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Welcome to the CMI Student Profiles!

Check out these websites for more information on the professional MS programs!

A collection of student stories through their graduate school journey

About MS-MPE

About MS-NE

The University of Pittsburgh's Professional Masters in Medical Product Engineering program applies engineering innovation tools to the identification of and solution to challenges in healthcare delivery. Students in this program have the opportunity to work with clinical staff and physicians in the renowned University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Pittsburgh is nationally recognized as a medical innovation hub.

Neural engineering blends cutting-edge technology, sophisticated computational methods, and neural interface devices to realize the power of the healthy brain and substitute its impaired function. The top-ranked Department of Bioengineering at Pitt has developed a first-of-its-kind Professional MS curriculum to prepare engineers inspired to unlock the mysteries of the nervous system.

In these profiles, you will read about current and past students in these programs. Through their stories you will appreciate their career journeys.

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